We Africans stopped breathing since the start of slavery and even after the yellow lips kept talking of abolition slavery we still cannot breathe because our strength and energies were taken away from us. Even among us blacks some thought they are blessed and only them should breathe. They forgot that the yellow people see all blacks Africans void from where you born.

The soul of George Floyd shows we Africans stopped breathing but our souls kept us alive and blessed. Africans, God made us to be special people and located us on this planet. We got jealous by the yellow people because of our ways we lives, physical built, our strength, our energies, our local innovations use beside machines and because we have never claimed to have a black prophet but yet still God loves and blessed us.

African we can’t breathe because disunity have put us apart which have allowed those Yellow people to supersede us. We were breathing when they came and forced their own behaviors in us and took away our nose which makes us to breathe.

Under the Mediterranean Sea lie millions of our bones which the yellow people thrown while crossing us like woods with chains tied on our feet and our hands. Sometimes even our mouths where locked fearing that if they allow us to communicate among ourselves while on their slave ships, we can wage war on them and defeat them on sea. The bones of our African forefathers and mothers still cry for their breadth but how can they when their lives were taken off from them. When you listen to the Mediterranean carefully you will hear the Africans crying “WE CANT BREATHE”. An illustration just repeated how Africans were crying from their breathe. George Floyd was handcuffed and two officers sitting on his back while the third officer pressing his knees on his neck which could not chance him to shake or fight for his breathe. He was besieged which could not even allow him to shake his African physical built body till his death. That was exactly how our African forefathers and mothers were treated on sea which caused millions to die and thrown beneath the sea.

But even us the Black Africans we have allowed ourselves to stop breathing because some blacks feels superior over others. Our brothers in the American called black American are also suffocating us the black Africans to stop breathing because of jealousy and pride. Our brothers have forgotten their true stories and have also neglected the Black history. Unless they stop seeing America as their own, African is the only continents that will give breathe to blacks because God made gave located us there to live. Our very brothers and sister (black Americans) get jealous of us when we leave our continent to find greener pasture.

We are not going to the USA to take away what you have worked but survival is what we seek. Our forefathers helped to build USA and it our right just like you to live and benefit from their labors and we have no apologies. If our forefathers and mothers were not forced to be sardines to Europe and USA, Africa would have been way developed and this continent would have been a paradise to live. But the continent was deprived for about 800 years slavery. The babies or young children, the old and the sick were left to suffer and die while the young and the stronger Africans we ship to the yellow man’s country to develop it.

Before the coming of the yellow people, Africans were doing wonderful things, making native submarines, doing cesarean operation locally without machines in Uganda etc. Africans were governing themselves, creating their military, commerce was well established, social activities were taken place, worshiping their gods but also knew there was a supreme God that supersedes everything.  On their arrival they came with guns and chains to stop us from breathing.

Until all blacks no matter the continent or countries you find yourselves realise that African is your home then you can breathe.

Until all blacks understood that we are all one then we an all breathe together

Until blacks start to think alike then we can fight together and conquer those yellow people who think they owns the earth and only them should breathe.

Until we blacks ourselves understands the true meaning of breathe and values ourselves then we can breath.

The torturing and suffocation that leads to our brother George Floyd death should not be a shock to us because we have since denied breathing. But our souls keeps us alive just like what is happening when the yellow police officers stopped George Flyod from breathing we seeing his would revolting all over the continents.

God loves us as blacks but he is angry at us because we have sold of bodies to the Yellow folks who now feels they can stop any black from breathing.

Oh God!!!!




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