Trouble Looms in C4C

Trouble Looms in C4C

The Coalition for Change Party has changes its Parliamentary Leadership structure a day after its previous leader. Hon. Emerson Lamina voted in favor of the National Electoral Commission Boss in the Well of Parliament.

In a letter send to the Clerk of Parliament reads that; “With reference to the above subject matter; I hereby write to notify your noble office of the Caucus Parliamentary Executive structure effective Wednesday, 29th July, 2020.

Caucus Leader Hon. Francis Bhendu of constituency 027, Deputy Caucus Leader Hon. Sahr Charles of constituency 028, Whip; Hon. Aiah Kassengbama of constituency 026 and Deputy Whip; Hon. Komba M. Kamanda of constituency 024 respectively.

Investigation conducted by The Guardian Post openly exposed the communication emptiness between Hon. Emerson Lamina and that of the Executive Members of the C4C in terms of communication and loyalty.

The Coalition for Change Party is on records to have critique the appointment of the newly National Electoral Commission Chairman of certain criteria in a worded press release which was circulated all over the social media.

In the Press Release, the Coalition for Change openly challenged the legality of Mohammed Konneh and furthered urged its Parliamentarians to do the needful by voting against the latter if the need arise.

In Tuesday approval before Members of Parliament; following a division as per its rules of procedure, 78 Members of Parliament as per votes counted voted in favor of the nomination of the new NEC Boss, they include the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), Paramount Chiefs Member of Parliament some members of the Coalition for Change and the National Grand Coalition Party were part of the 78 Members of Parliament who voted at against 51 Members of Parliament including the All Peoples Congress Party (APC) and some Coalition for Change voted against the nomination of the new NEC Boss.

Sources close to Guardian Post explains that the All Peoples Congress Party and that of the Coalition for Change should be having regular consultations as and when necessary owing to the facts that both political parties have similar ideologies.

Hon. Emerson Lamina on Tuesday was part of the 78 members of parliament who voted for Mohammed Konneh as the recently NEC Chairman to the dissatisfaction of his party secretariat who were shouting all over the place on the legality of Mr. Konneh.

It could be recalled that during the Koroma administration, similar drama was unfolding between the Sierra Leone Peoples Party Caucus Leader Hon. Bernadette Lahai who was having sleepless nights at against other Members of Parliament of the SLPP and the leadership of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party for her removal as Leader of the Party. The leadership of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party writes several letters to the leadership of Parliament and even went to court but all prove futile.

Hon. Emerson Lamina who was the city Mayor for the Kono municipality and was later kicked out by the Koroma administration for no good reasons will never dance to the tune of the All Peoples Congress Party for what he and his families went through.

There is a backlash for Sam-Sumana within the All Peoples Congress circle for failing to get Hon. Emerson Lamina and few others under his watch; though one of the All Peoples Congress Party Member of Parliament conspicuously leave the Well of Parliament when voting was about to begin; Sam-Sumana should get back to the drawing board to do his assignment properly before things go sour for him.

However, family sources close to the beleaguered Emerson Lamina says he is still the caucus leader of the Coalition for Change as he continued to represents his people judiciously without fear or favor.


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