By: Steven Gerald

As tradition stipulates, the 5th Temne Tribal Headman in the Western Urban/Rural district King Hassan Bangura was on Sunday February 23, 2020 at 4pm accompanied by a cross section of the Tribal Headmanship to a scheduled place at Wellington to undergo the traditional ceremony befitting a Chief.

King Hassan Bangura is the 5th Temne Tribal Headman to by taken to the Ceremonial House (KANTHA) since the institution of 16 tribal headman was established in the 70’s by Siaka Probyn Steven’s. T

He first been King David Kamara aka KDK, Multi Kamara, King Nimbana and King Kandeh Kamara successfully.

King Hassan Bangura was appointed in 17th May 2017 by former President Ernest Bai-Koroma after so many years in waiting. According to the Temne Tribal headmanship criteria, the headman most have had proven qualities of leadership among his tribesmen, it is on this basis from the fact that King Kandeh Hassan Bangura is up to the time of going to press is Chief Adviser to the Multitude Petty Traders Union, Adviser to the Famous Abacha Traders Association and development oriented association characters that former president Koroma’s received recommendations for his appointment.

King Kandeh Bangura before conveyed to the Ceremonial house where he will spend a month lance an appeal to all his 35 subjects to be law abiding. He thanked the speaker of the House, Dr. Abass Bundu, and Special Adviser to President Bio Ambassador Wurrie for their meritorious services rendered to the Temne Community and pledge his humbleness and subordination to President Bio who he said is pleased to work with at any time he is called upon to manifest his mandatory traditional powers.

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