Three Guinean Nationals have met their untimely death in Sierra Leone involving a notorious traditional healer by the name of Mohamed Conteh popularly called ‘Jahanama’ on the 25th of February.

According to our information, the said decease are from Guinea as they came at the said village to seek for native medication to herbalist Mohamed Conteh who according to our source has being earmarked by the community people of having clandestine meeting in a very lampoon manner.

The deceased according to the media officer of the Waterloo Division were brutally murdered and dumped into a charcoal pit in a nearby bush close to their village.

The said pit according to our investigation was completely covered with grass owing to the fact that the wicked and inhuman attitude of Mohamed Conteh has answered him forgetting to know that the bloods of the deceased are crying in silent.

During this underground operation by Mohamed Conteh and his associates, a stranger who was visited the village first time observed the surreptitious movement in the bush and later alerted the Sierra Leone Police for onward investigation.

The Sierra Leone Police without wasting time galvanized and barricaded the scene of crime with the help of the prime witness and the vigilant youths in the country to effects arrest.

Ten suspects including were arrested including the Victoria King, wife of the herbalist, Max Browne, Santigie Kanu and Sara Sesay who are the main suspects in these premeditated crime.

One of the suspects who’s currently helping the Waterloo Division of the Sierra Leone revealed that the decease came with a registration vehicle number of RC 4428-AU a whooping sum of forty million Leones (Le40,000,000) and that the said amount was handed over to the Herbalist as per  agreement.

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