The Fifteen Sons of Kompa Bomboli and his Imminent Replacement

The replacement of the late Para Mount Chief Bomboli 11 of Koya Chiefdom is now the topic of discussion since the late man has been declared dead, survived by thirty-five children including fifteen men, having served his people for forty-seven years until his death in May, 2020.

One of the survivors is Hon Ibrahim Kanu, the Member of Parliament for Constituency 072 in Port Loko district. His disclosure to this medium was that the family has selected one of the sons to step on their father’s shoe.

 The person, who could not be named for now for security reasons, according to the MP, is a replica of the late man in terms of discipline and striving for the development of the Chiefdom. He is said to have been groomed by the late man to take his place and maintain peace in the Chiefdom like his predecessor who was able to rub skin with ruling governments for the good of the Chiefdom.

Hon. Ibrahim Kanu remembered his father for telling them that as politicians they should be sincere to their people and put their country first.

The Chiefdom people were expecting that the government would have announced the Regent Chief to act in that capacity until the conduct of election by the National Electoral Commission but to their surprise, government functionaries that attended the ceremony last week including the Speaker of Parliament did not make the expected announcement of the new Regent Chief.

The Office of the President, according to the Constitution, appoints the Regent Chief but it seems as if it has not pleased His Excellency President Maada Bio to appoint anyone to the position.

Meanwhile, the Turays are preparing for this position citing that for the past forty-seven years the Kanus have been ruling the Chiefdom and this is their time, according to Abu Bakarr Turay.

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