Christian friends all over the world, this is a trying time for us and our faith as we normally congregate together on Sundays and other days in worshipping God Almighty. This is the time we must show that we have always been the Church. This is the time we must show that we (the Church) have always been inside the building every Sunday and other worship days. This mean the stopping of church services due to Covid-19, has nothing to do with the Church (you), but they have just stopped the Church from entering the building.

We must continue to worship God even in our homes because God is not living in the buildings but inside of us as recorded in 1Corinthians 3:16.

We must praise and glorify our God wherever we find ourselves. So Sunday services should not stop. Dress up on Sunday and enter into the presence of God because in His presence there is Liberty.

Remember you are the Church and you have been stopped to enter the building not in His presence.

I pray this will bless your heart and challenge you to conduct your usual Sunday service at home with your family.

God bless you!

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