By Mohamed Kamara

The Secretary of the Temne Tribal Headman Court located at 3 Mountain Cut in the center of Freetown, Chief Mohamed Bundu has revealed in an exclusive interview with this Reporter that the Temne Trobal No1 and No2 courts has resolved 250 cases in 2019 ranging from abusive language, malice, debts and witch craft in 2019.

Chief Bundu added that the court has enabled both complainant and suspect to go into compromise of 150 cases. He said the turnout of those summoned to court was 85%. He lavish praises to the rank and file of the Eastern Police Station and the Police Partnership Board who have manifested their greatest commitment to ensure that customary law is given its right place in our democracy.

He said they have received letters from lawyers protesting the right of their clients to be heard in a magistrate court. He noted that most people who thought they could find solace by hiring the services of lawyers especially in cases within their jurisdiction and up in dismay as the routine for their cases to be heard and verdict pronounce in a magistrate court could lost for months if not years. Comparatively he went on, the longest for the Tribal Court to pass judgment is fourteen days and that only occurs when one of the interested parties could not attend the hearings for circumstances beyond their control.

 For his part, the Temne Tribal headman for the Western Area, Alhaji Kandeh Hassan Bangura thanked President Maada Bio and the Legal Aid Board for the numerous meetings, advice and sensitization programs they have held. He said their sacrifices made to engage Tribal Headman in the Western Area signifies the great respect they hold for our traditional, culture and customary integrity of which we all come from. He said his Chieftaincy is always humble to the government of the day and well prepared at all times to execute any function relating to peace, national cohesion, unity for and by all to enable Sierra Leone sustain a viable Socio-Economic development for our children yet unborn and in particular praised the speaker of the House of Parliament, Dr. Abass Bundu and the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and Counseling Services rendered whenever they are called upon.

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