“Socfin Agricultural Company Is Apolitical”

“Socfin Agricultural Company Is Apolitical”

The Chief Executive Officer for Socfin Agricultural Company has reacted to a circulating post in the social media linking his agricultural company of teaming with members of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) to muffle certain individuals of Sahn Malen Chiefdom by using the Sierra Leone Police.

The article which was shared by Hon. Sheka Sama of constituency 104 Pujehun District alleges series of unfounded jibes that was promptly refutes by management of the company with the accuracy its deserve.

According to Gerben Haringsma, Socfin Agricultural Company is apolitical and has nothing to deal with the various political parties in the country neither working with the Sierra Leone Police to silence certain residents within his operational areas.

“We can authoritatively say we have being working with the chiefdom authorities and the Pujehun District Council to see how we can transform the well-being of the local people,” he said. “Working with the Sierra Leone Police to silence the people is misleading erroneous to say the least.

“Our presence in Sahn Malen Chiefdom over the past years has being very supportive from the villages to the chiefdom authorities who continue to work with us on daily basis for a unifying and progressing working relationship.

Easmond Moiguah is the Public Relation Officer of the Agricultural Company he reiterated one of the principles of the company which amongst other things frown at political interference being locally or nationally.

“The article shared by Hon. Sheka Sama is fictitious and deceptive,” he noted. “The management of Socfin Agricultural Company is focus and determined to transform the Sahn Malen chiefdom in terms of development and growth.

Easmond Moiguah is no stranger to the shenanigan of Hon. Sheka Sama and has represented the company for the past 10years educating and propagating the image of the agricultural company to Sierra Leoneans and the outside world.

The Guardian Post was told that Hon. Sheka Sama badmouthing on the Agricultural Company is not a novelty to indigenes of Sahn Malen chiefdom and Pujehun District as followers of the legislator have concluded that the latter is finding it difficult to accept the massive growth that is taken place within his constituency by the agricultural company.

“The popularity of Hon. Sheka Sama is constituency 104 is nothing to write home about,” they said. “His popularity is shrinking on a daily basis and wants to use the agricultural company as a scapegoat to bring back his past glory.” Residents of constituency 104 reveal.

“The achievement of Socfin Agricultural Company in Pujehun District is unprecedented as the entire district have benefited from the largess of the company one way or the other.” They recalled.

A public statement by the district education officer in Pujehun District recently send glamorous outburst to the people of Pujehun by applauding the agricultural company for the tireless role the company is playing in the district in complimenting the free quality education.

The district education officer was full of praise when he announced to his audience that the agricultural company was able to collects the various packages of the Free Quality Education from Freetown and was able to distribute the various materials across Pujehun District; thereby actualizing the pronouncement of the President into practice.

Sahn Malen Chiefdom is a works yard, the presence of the agricultural company in Pujehun district is a blessing to the people of Pujehun District especially at a time President Bio is urging and encouraging multi-national companies to help transformed their villages or chiefdoms they are operating.

Easmond Moiguah furthered revealed that the agricultural company is  one of the friendly companies in Sierra Leone as both the Chief Executive Officer and senior management of the company can be accessible at any point in time.

“Gerben Haringsma is one of the most accessible CEOs in the country,” he said. “The man has no protocol or procedures to workers, journalists, CSOs or even government officials.” He noted. “He can answers to any phone calls, you can sense his love and affection for the people of Sahn Malen whenever you engaged him on progress of the chiefdom or the district.” He reiterates.

“The instinct and character of Gerben Haringsma is hard to find in Sierra Leone as compared to other multi-national companies CEOs, his love for Sierra Leone is unquestionably to a point that even the kids in Sahn-Malen chiefdom can be shouting and cheering his name whenever he is around.

However, the Public Relation Officer of the company reiterates the love and affection the Agricultural Company holds for the disable in Sahn Malen and will never collude with anyone in the chiefdom or in the district to take advantage of them.

Easmond Moiguah recalled that the company recently reconstructed a house for two disable persons after fire gutted their home. “These are some of the goodies we are doing for our people and we will continue to do more and more for the people.

President Julius Maada Bio recently in Moyamba District praised the presence of the company in Sierra Leone and how they are working with local companies in the country on food self-sufficiency for Sierra Leoneans.

Government Ministers and Heads of Parastatals have times without numbers applauded the company for transforming Sahn-Malen Chiefdom into a competing chiefdom and also competing with Pujehun Township in terms of development.

“We see no crime if the company is helping vital institutions in Pujehun District over the past years,” they reveal. “This is what we called corporate social responsibilities for a company that highly appreciates the welfare of the people.

The intervention of the company in roads, health, education, micro-credits, youth empowerment among others should be applauded as compared to other companies who doing little or nothing.

Hon. Sheka Sama should give a standing ovation to the agricultural company and stop the baseless ranting on a company that has done so much for the people and the district as a whole.

The financial booming and growth his people are benefitting from the company is unprecedented as the chiefdom was a ghost and eerie town before the intervention of the company.

Over the past years the company has spent millions of dollar as corporate social responsibilities across Sahn Malen Chiefdom and Pujehun District which make the agricultural company one of the best in the country by given back to the communities and district.

However, senior management of the company has disclosed to Guardian Post that the agricultural company will not be distracted but continue to do more for the people.

“We will continue to help the people of Sahn Malen and Pujehun District as and when the need arise,” They reveal, “Socfin Agricultural Company is here to stay and the doors of the company is always open to the people of Pujehun District and the chiefdom administrators on how the company can intervened in terms of changing the well-being of the people.

Easmond Moiguah who has being with the agricultural company since its operation is livid with the deceptive and inciting tricks Hon. Sheka Sama is doing to gain political recognition to some of his hapless supporters who are beginning to realize the dangerous game their Member of Parliament is doing to gain public sympathy.

In a recent opinion poll conducted by various Newspaper Editors within constituency 104 shows how desperate and worrying Hon. Sheka Sama is as his popularity within his constituency is nothing to write home about ahead of the 2023 elections.

However, the crime officer of Malen Police has exonerated both the agricultural company and the chiefdom authorities of have any linkage in the ongoing case as stated by Hon. Sheka Sama.


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