Socfin Agricultural Company Applauded

Socfin Agricultural Company Applauded

By: Cecil Cole-Showers

Residents of Sahn Malen Chiefdom are countlessly applauding and heaping praising on the intervention of Socfin Agricultural Company for its rapid involvement into the chiefdom and the district with progress of development in the chiefdom which has holistically change and transformed the lives of indigenes of the chiefdom and the country as a whole through its pools of developments.

The roads infrastructure which connect communities have made life very easy for villagers to transports their goods through community networking and also open the broader way for the flagship projects of government thereby encouraging more children to be part of the government free education scheme.

Sahn-Malen chiefdom before the intervention of the company was a moribund chiefdom with less or no visible development but with the prowess lobbying skills of the Paramount Chief he was able to convince Gerben Haringsma and his colleagues that his chiefdom is ready and open for development.

“Even mobile telecommunication was a challenged in the chiefdom,” Chiefdom Speaker asserted. “We have to locate or discover a particular position before we can make or receive calls from our relatives.

“You can comfortable seat in your room and make any type or calls be whatsapp or normal call, these is what we call development and we say a big thanks to Socfin Agricultural Company for changing the narratives for us.” He reveals.

“Sahn Malen was an eerie creepy town before the coming of the agricultural company; passengers have to spend hours from Bo to Sahn due to the terrible road network.” Chief Moiguah was quoted as saying.

Paramount Brima Victor Kebbie with the love for his people was able to lure the company to Sahn so that he will provide jobs for his people indirectly with the supports of the then government.

Hundreds of indigene in Sahn-Malen and the Southern Region are working for the company and thousands are benefitting indirectly which puts the company as one of the best in the country in terms of his workforce.

The humane and caring of one of the biggest shareholders in the company have practically washed out all sorts of negative and destructive propaganda by saboteurs of the company by few individuals who are bitter about development in the chiefdom and district.

Gerben Haringsma is one of the simplest and humblest personalities I have come across; his approach is completely different as compared to other Chief Executive Officers or owners of companies in the country.

“His approach in life is phenomenal and impressive,” Easmond explains. “The man is a gem; it’s a blessing for us to someone in Sierra Leone that feels for the ordinary people in Sahn-Malen.” He said.

“Go to these other companies in the country and sees how these CEOs and companies directors operate, as for Gerben the narratives is different as the chiefdom people are very proud and gratified with him due to his grassroots and down to earth approach.” He reveals.

“Even the primary school children can pronounce his name with ease, workers of the company are highly appreciative of his intervention into their welfare and the recent increment of unskilled workers was a fulfillment of his desire to see that Sierra Leoneans benefits from their work place.

Also, Gerben Haringsma is a media friendly character who has being very supportive and cooperative to respond to journalists as and when necessary as there is no barrier in that.

He is one of the few investors that journalists have his phone numbers and can called him any time of the day and he will respond accordingly.

Gerben is behind the many and several corporate social responsibilities the agricultural company is shooting in the chiefdom as one of his core and principal achievement is to see that each and every child have access to education and be able to work in the company in the future.

“The agricultural company is here to stay,” Easmond assured, “We are calling on the people of Sahn-Malen Chiefdom and Pujehun District to join the plane of development.

In part two, The Guardian Post will exclusively reports in its next edition how residents of Sahn Malen Chiefdom are singing songs of praise to the philanthropist, kind and humanitarian, Gerben Haringsma who they say has change the negative narrative of the once batter and moribund chiefdom.


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