SLPA’s Deputy GM Askia Bio: A Crowd-Puller & Result-Oriented Man

SLPA’s Deputy GM Askia Bio: A Crowd-Puller & Result-Oriented Man

By: Festus Justus Margai

The Deputy General Manager, Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA), Yankuba Askia Bio is a dynamic and result-oriented administrator who has several years of successful management experience.

His appointment therefore to the enviable position of Deputy General Manager of the SLPA by President Julius Maada Bio in August 2018 came as no surprise because the man is very competent and has assumed similar responsibilities in other institutions before now.

Before his appointment, he was Country Procurement Manager at Bollore. His main activities included procurement director for all Bollore projects in Sierra Leone.

He acts in the capacity of General Manager in lieu of him, i.e. overseeing all administrative functions of the company. He is a member of National Association of Public Procurement – Sierra Leone and Member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement – UK since 2014.

Yankuba Askia Bio, the Deputy General Manager of Sierra Leone Ports Authority is a hardworking, credible and trustworthy person; working towards the actualization of President Bio’s vision. Yankuba Askia Bio is on record for being the young man’s friend. Since he was appointed, he has helped young people who deserve help. He has paid college and school fees for hundreds of young people and he has also been of great assistance to youths and elderly people as well.

When you visit his office, you meet a lot of people in queue to see him all because of his generosity. Some of them are only there to find out about him for the first time, after hearing much about his hospitality and the love he has for the party andm the nation.

He has done extremely well serving his party and the government in many ways. He is capable to serve in any other capacity President Bio deems fit. He is indeed very loyal, trustworthy and a corrupt-free young man.

A foreign diplomat once opined that ‘If I were the president, Yankuba Askia Bio would have been the number one to head that entity.’

The reason why Yankuba Askia Bio is described as a crowd-puller is not because he is always surrounded by crowds anywhere, but because he openly demonstrates his love and leadership skills anywhere, he goes. He is result-oriented because whatever assignment he lays hands to do, he does it to the expectation of his boss the President and the General Manager of SLPA. Many people are saying if only Sierra Leone had ten such people like Yankuba Askia Bio, we would have been more developed than we currently are.    

Yankuba Askia Bio was born on 10th September, 1984 in Tihun, Sogbini Chiefdom, Bonthe District. He came from a very humble family, the reason why he is humble even to this day.


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