The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) this morning responded swiftly to the cry of the Chief of Kroo Bay community who called on Government to help them with hand-washing buckets.

The President of SLAJ, Ahmed Sahid Nasralla, was on AYV TV this morning at 10 am when the station linked to a field reporter at Kroo Bay, one of Freetown’s slum dwelling communities.

Chief Alimamy Kamara told the AYV reporter, Ransford Metzger, that the community did not have hand-washing buckets, which are essential in helping the about 27,000 residents protect themselves from the Coronavirus.

After the AYV TV programme, the SLAJ President quickly consulted with his executive and convinced them to intervene and donate 15 veronica buckets to the Kroo Bay community.

SLAJ had earlier received 100 veronica buckets from Choithram and Milla Group for media houses across the country.

“These hand-washing buckets are meant for media houses to help protect our membership from the Coronavirus. However, we care about deprived communities like Kroo Bay and we thought we should come to their rescue, even if it means depriving our own members. SLAJ cares about the health of the public,” said Nasralla, adding that he hopes other well-meaning individuals and organisations will come to the rescue of Kroo Bay and other deprived communities across the country,” said the SLAJ President.

Receiving the veronica buckets on the Kroo Bay community, Chief Alimamy Kamara and the Councillor expressed gratitude to SLAJ and described the donation as selfless.

“This is a clear demonstration of selflessness and unique kindness. You do not have to have in abundance before you can give unto others. The fact that you decided to deprive yourself so that others can have is a great act of kindness. God will bless SLAJ and all journalists in Sierra Leone,” said Chief Kamara.

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