Sierra Leonean Speaks to Coronavirus

By: Mallam O

You virus, you are called corona, aren’t you? I will now speak to you directly; because push has come to shove!

Please listen to me, won’t you? I have heard so much about you, and it is clear you are very powerful. Isn’t that what you wanted, to achieve global fame, albeit negatively? Did you feel ignored, discriminated against?

That’s why you are unleashing so much destruction across the globe? Alright I have heard your case, Right here in Sierra Leone. Stay where you are and don’t come to us, will you? Because we already harboured your cousin,

Ebola! Ebola took along 4000 of us with it. You can’t do that to us again. We went through a lot of suffering we are still mourning our loved ones. Those who survived are still grappling, with a host of issues. Too much we have had as a country please leave us alone and don’t come here.  Please! How I wish we could now use our witchcraft, to keep you away from our shores. How I wish our science didn’t remain in darkness, drugs and vaccines we could have produced. How I wish the wealth of our natural resources, was utilized wisely for situations like this. But hey, you can’t even come here all the infections globally reported. Show you’ve achieved your peak down and down you are going so the Atlantic Ocean is your end

Way, way away from our shores and you’ll be remembered for not reaching here, Sierra Leone. The land that we love

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