It’s saddens to see Sierra Leoneans crying on a daily basis for the necessities of life and how they can put food on the table for their families.

The present hardship in Sierra Leone is an ultimate concern for every meaningful Sierra Leonean currently staying in the country including that of the President, Ministers and government officials together with our legislators.

Our past and present leaders turn blind eye against poor Sierra Leoneans living at home and are unable to have a square meal a day.

In Sierra Leone, if you’re rich you’re rich forever; and if you’re poor you will continued to be poor till death only the divine Almighty will change this narrative.

Our past and present leaders are the conundrum for our current predicament, they have no love for the people the governed; the only time you can see politicians going to the grassroots of society is when they want their votes for elections.

Take a stroll in the streets of Freetown and see how Sierra Leoneans are downgraded in abject poverty to the disregard of the government who careless about these class of Sierra Leoneans.

Past and present leaders keep mute about the sufferings of our people, no one cares. People pay more interest in their political parties than their country.

Tribalism continues to spread its evil wings across the four corners of the country. What’s really going on fellow Sierra Leoneans? We are sitting on a time bomb! Are we waiting it to explode? Where are our leaders, past and present?

Where is the love we bestow to our Green, White and Blue? Sierra Leone is bleeding plentifully, while her sons and daughters continue to weep endlessly.

As we ushered into the Holy Months of Lents let us uphold the constitution of our country, let say no to tribalism and sycophancy.

Our Judiciary should be a place where we seek for justice and not otherwise, state institutions should shunned tribalism and accepted professionalism and love for the job they are pay for.

If all Sierra Leoneans pledged his/her love and loyal to our beautiful country we will definitely reach to the destination we wanted to.

But again if we allowed sycophancy and bootlicking to steal our nationality from us, we are definitely heading for doom and catastrophe which is the hallmark of backwardness.

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