In their continuous drive to ease the stress of traditional fishing method, Seawright Mining Company (SMC) continues their tour to get the best of Aquaculture for Sierra Leone.

A team of the Company’s officials, government and the private sectors are currently in China to get first-hand information about Aquaculture equipment, demonstration of product and viewing.

The team departed Sierra Leone on the 13th December, 2019 and they are expected to return before the 31st of this month.

SMC Finance Manager, Mohamed Tunkara emphasized that SMC intends to invest in Aquaculture in Sierra Leone as part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities.

He disclosed that the Company intends to purchase Recirculating Aquaculture Systems from China and they are currently engaging Zhongshan eWater Aquaculture Equipment Technology Limited who are one of the producers of the system in China.

He continued to say the purpose of their visit is to further engage the supplier as well as product viewing and demonstration prior to committing huge financial resources.

He said the Chief Executive Officer of SMC Dr. Alfred Seawright   is so passionate about the project which prompted the tour because he wants it to succeed. On Friday 26th July 2019 Seawright Mining Company (SMC) ended a tour to Nigeria as a follow up to their previous visit in Ghana on Aquaculture with a sixteen man delegation with funding from the Company comprises of staff of SMC, Parliamentarians, Ministries representatives, Lecturers and Students and the media

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