Kenema City is one of the worst cities in the country in terms of good roads network, infrastructure to name but a few, with all the massive road construction work implemented by the All Peoples Congress Party, the city road is still a nightmare for vehicles to ply.

President Julius Maada Bio, during his days in opposition normally encouraged residents of Kenema that the district is his strong based.

“I will do my level best to develop Kenema to a modern city status,” Voice of Sierra Leone President when canvassing votes during his days as opposition leader in the country.

“I will terminate the road contracts from that rotten road construction company; Kenema is in my heart, Vote me as President and spots the difference”.

After the March 2018 general election, President Bio launched the Free Quality education Scheme with a 21% budget to the Ministry of education out of the National Budget.

School Buses were bought and been distributed to district headquarter towns across the country, Kenema was lucky to have four School Buses and they are in full operations in Kenema.

Because of the limited route to ply as the city have three main roads where the buses ply and the rest of the other roads are not accessible to vehicular traffic.

Residents of Kenema have called on the Kenema City Council to ground the buses until the roads are accessible for the buses to have uninterrupted routes within the city.

“We need better roads or else the School Buses will be grounded due to the terrible roads network in the city and the district as a whole.” Residents of Kenema explain to The Guardian Post.

They further intimated this medium that they are frustrated in the slow pace in which the roads construction is going through which has the propensity to hindered development in the district.

“We risked our lives for President Bio against party big vons who did not want us to support him; we made statement during the APC era that when Maada Bio became President Kenema will be his priority city in terms of roads construction and other developmental projects.” They cry.

“We are not seeing anything that will make us happy as indigenes of Kenema, the fight against corruption is totally in place; Kenema is still suffering in terms of good road network.

Kenema is suffering from blackout, pure drinking water and other basic amenities, the youthful populace of the district future are bleak as there only means of survival is bike riding.

Supporters including executive members of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party in Kenema never mince their words as they are still finding themselves in an opposition world despite their party is in governance. Reasons they said is best known to the Party National Chairman, President Bio, senior Kenema Stakeholders as they are losing hope of party loyalty as every day and night they face discrimination in political appointment.

Notwithstanding, parents contacted thanked President Bio for the Free Quality Education Scheme and the recently distributed School Buses.

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