I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the men’s fellowship 11th annual thanksgiving Service at the Battle Axe aka Kings Family Church ,Edward street , Freetown, where for the first time I got a direct encounter with the man for whom I will name my son, Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara.

I grew admiration for him from the time he entered the church, he was so humble to the point that if not for the continued clapping of the congregation you will not notice him.

His show of political tolerance thrilled everyone in the church immediately he came to the realization that the deputy speaker is in the same church. He immediately extended a handshake, smile and hugs of patriotism reminding everyone in the church that we are one in one Sierra Leone.

His message of peace, Love and national cohesion is what I consider as my take home. In my conclusion of what I saw today , I see no man fit the cap for the leadership in this country than Samura Kamara in whom I see a United country .

As from today I pledge my presidential vote for you Dr. Samura Kamara if you emerge in your party as it standard bearer, because listening to you today I can guarantee Sierra Leoneans that in you we  have found new hope.

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