The 2018 Presidential aspirant of the All People’s Congress party, Dr. Samura Kamara , who continues to endear himself to ordinary people in various communities across the country, fellowshipped with Muslims at the Tombo Shebro town  Mosque, Tombo village, rural Freetown.

The following Friday, Kamara was at the Magazine community in eastern Freetown and his decision to switch attention to the western rural was borne out of the genuine desire to identify himself with the people, irrespective of place or distance.

In a brief but poignant statement, the former flag bearer thanked the Imam for his well-delivered sermon. He said that he was happy with the unity among members of the congregation. He stated that he was in the mosque to fellowship with his brothers and sisters and that similar visits will be made in the nearer future.

During a short walk around the community to get firsthand information about living conditions of ordinary people, Dr. Kamara was overwhelmed by spontaneous crowds who bemoaning their current dire economic situation.

Touched by public frustration with the status quo, Dr. Kamara told the crowds that the APC party was engaged in serious constitutional reforms and they as grassroots were at the heart of the reforms.

He described the party as a grassroots party, noting that the party’s leadership aware of their situation.

Dr. Kamara implored the people to be resilient and steadfast in their support of the party assuring them that an end to their woes was in sight.

He urged them to continue to own the APC and to repose their trust in the leadership of the party. He added that he was not in the area to campaign in any shape or form but to deliver his usual message of hope and solace to the people.

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