By Mohamed Konneh

In a bid to boost water and sanitation in the country, the Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO) has launched the social Involving Connection in Bo and Kenema. The launched was done by the new Managing Director, Munda Sandi as part of Three Town Water and sanitation project in the two districts.

The Tree Town Water and Sanitation project is funded by the African Development Bank (ADB) and the project has been in existence for over ten years.

Launching the activity, the Managing Director said there will be no development without water and that the Sustainable development goal (SDG) 6 states that water is part of development of every country.

He called on Members of Parliament and councilors to take full ownership of the project in their communities and must make sure that communities go through the connection.

”The Social Involving Connection is affordable for the less privilege and the need for People of Kenema and Bo city to go through this social involving connection and take ownership of the project. The water provision under this project is reliable, affordable and safe for drinking”, he said

The Managing Director noted that there is every need for people to involve in the social connection, so that they will be able to do over two hundred connection within two month.

In his statement the Water and Sanitation Engineer at SALWACO, Sahr Sina said water connection for communities will cost five thousand, seven hundred Leone’s per 45 containers (Five Gallon Ruber).

Mr. Sina said that SALWACO spends huge amount of money on chemicals and energy for the supply of water.

“The water we provide pure than sachet water and it is also very cheap. Let us take advantage of this opportunity and make the best use of it” he said.

The member of parliament of constituency 19 in Kenema, Hon. Mathew Sahr Nyuma making his statement said the water provided by SALWACO is the cheapest and reliable water company in the country, adding that over the years water has been a major challenged in Kenema city, but with the launching of this new activity many people will now be connected because the price is affordable and cheap.

He said as law makers in the country they are also in charge of development as they provide oversight.

The Member of Parliament applauded the New Managing Director for taking this step and as law makers while pledging his support to the activity. Together with our councillors we will support the project and by playing our oversight role and also do all we can for the benefits of our people.

Member of Parliament in constituency 20 in Kenema, Hon. Boston Munda also applauded SALWACO adding that the Water Company has reduced the burden on the people.

Our communities will now have access to effective water supply that will ease water burden on them.

He called the people to go through the connection and make use of the facility provided.  

“Pipe borne water has not been in existence for years in Kenema and that most of the people consume water m the well. Most of these well are not chlorinated exposing the people t cholera and other water borne diseases.

The Mayor of the Kenema City, Thomas Baio thanked SALWACO for the project, adding that Kenema city was having pipe borne water but the facilities were damage on nothing done to replace or repaired them.

He said people now make used of water wells water and sachet water for drinking.

This project will now take way all of these challenges and that the council will make sure the project becomes a success and sustained.

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