The Officer in Command of the Moyamba junction Police Station Inspector Mohamed S Sewa and two other Police Officers came under serious attacked by one Abdul Turay commonly known as Obio of Moyamba junction which left him with serious injuries on the left hand.

According to the Police commander, a report of wounding and other violent crime was reported against the said suspect by a woman who also resides at the Moyamba junction few days ago.

The commander went further that the two other police officers went to their house to effect an arrest in the presence of their parents and while waiting outside their room in the presence of their parents, little did they knew that the suspect and his cohorts have armed themselves with cutlasses and eventually opened the room door and slashed the left hand of the police commander leaving him with deep cut and then ran away.

He was rushed to the community health center for first Aid and later referred to the Moyamba Government Hospital for surgery.

Police officers in Moyamba District according to our information normally have issues with hardcore criminals whenever they received complained from community people.

It could be noted that the Moyamba District is a volatile ground for police officers especially when there is little or no logistics for officers to have in executing their duty for the public.

The Management Board of the Sierra Leone Police should steadily put the necessary mechanism in place for police officers that are manning hard to reach areas to have the required logistics for best policing.

Crime offenders hate the police with passions and they can do anything to discourage the local security with their felonious activities for their own selfish purpose.

I.G Ambrose Sovula and the Vice President should help the Sierra Leone Police on logistics and other security apparatus for peace and tranquility in the country.

Past and present governments have left the police in doldrums to the disappointment of the public and few police officers who are thinking alike.

The situation of several police officers across the country is nothing to write home about especially when they wanted to execute the duty by providing security for the public and also trying to effects arrests to the public is a herculean task especially in remote areas.

Attacked on the Sierra Leone Police is an attack to the state so criminals and crime offenders should trek cautiously on how they are targeting the police in the country.

The media team of the Police should up their engagement to the public on the critical role the Police is playing in the various Districts, Chiefdoms and Headquarters towns.

The Moyamba episode is one of the several attacked the Force for Good is receiving from the public which is unaccepted and someone somewhere need to add their voice on the erratic attack on police officers across the country.

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