Rokel Commercial Bank Lights Kailahun

Rokel Commercial Bank Lights Kailahun

For the first time in almost 40 years, the people of Kailahun can now boast of a government owned bank in the district.

Rokel Commercial Bank is set to compliment government’s efforts at triggering a massive economic turnaround for what is arguably the most productive district in Sierra Leone.

The opening of the bank in the district is welcoming news from indigenes in the district who were crying for a government bank in the district.

Civil servants who spoke to this medium lauded management of Rokel Commercial Bank for the swifts and instantaneous approach from management of Rokel Bank who according to indigenes of Kailahun District have transformed the bank from a moribund financial institution to that ofa strong and vibrant financial institution in the country.

“We are blessed to have Rokel Commercial Bank in Kailahun District,” voices of teachers in the district.

“Some of us have to travel to Kenema to collects our salaries which were cost effective to us, but now we can breathe a sigh of relief as we welcome RCBank in Kailahun District.

The atmosphere in Kailahun was exciting and thrilling as residents of Kailahun heaped praises to management of Rokel Commercial Bank especially to the financial mogul Walton Dayo-Gilpin who has hugely transformed Rokel Commercial Bank to the disbelief of Sierra Leoneans.

According to the Managing Director; the bank quest to expand and promote financial inclusion in Sierra Leone is unwavering as residents of Kailahun District are in boisterous and joyous mood.

“We are rising, the sky is not limit and we are aiming beyond the skies.” Walton Dayo Gilpin assured.

January this year the bank also gives the people of Kabala a new year’s gift with the formal opening of a new branch as the bank continues with its ambitious expansion drive across the country.


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