Rodney Michael Ahead of Isha Johansen ….Opinion Polls

Rodney Michael Ahead of Isha Johansen ….Opinion Polls

Opinion polls conducted by seasoned football journalist Martin Wushu Conteh on Facebook- one of Sierra Leone’s most used social media platforms have put Rodney Edmond Michael ahead of the president of the Sierra Leone football association Isha Johansen to win the impending Sierra Leone football Association election.

The poll generated 201 likes and 146 comments as of Friday 15 January 2021. Rodney Michael pulled over 100 hundred endorsements and Isha Johansen secured 30.

Rodney Michael’s popularity in the game of football has been view as a threat not only by the current executive of the Sierra Leone football association but in the corridor of past and present politicians.

In 2013, under the directive of some politically connected individuals spearheaded the illegal removal of Rodney Michael from the SLFA elective congress that was conducted by a normalization committee set up by FIFA and the government.

With the Sierra Leone Football Association election approaching some politically desperados are working behind the scenes again to see the illegal removal of the most popular football contender Rodney Michael.

Despite the world football governing body (FIFA) has been kicking against political meddlesome in football Isha Johansen has been using desperate politicians to manipulate things in her favor.

Football enthusiasts have called on the government not to repeat what the previous government did by aiding the electoral and ethics committee to disqualify people illegally.

In the comment section of the opinion poll on Facebook- one fan said “the electoral and ethics committees should perform an impartial job and allow the 53 delegates who have the right, to vote the president of SLFA”

The last election conducted by the Sierra Leone Football Association was full of abnormalities and political interference which sees Isha Johansen went unopposed.

Five presidential candidates have been nominated to contest in the forthcoming SLFA election and Rodney Edmond Michael has  been ticked by opinion poll as the man to grab the presidential ticket in an election set to held in Makeni on the 26th and 27th February 2021.


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