If one examine Mugabe’s last days in this world, you will stop fighting for the earthly riches, and serve God.

MUGABE had more than 20 university degrees though some were honorary.

Owned significant buildings in Singapore

This is someone who once claimed he will rule Zimbabwe for life.

Mugabe’s last days in this world were bitterly full of regrets and lamentations and in solitary confinement.

After he was deposed from power, his wife Grace filed for a divorce. It’s rumored that the wife went back to her former husband while another school of thought say that she eloped with her long time secret lover, a former governor of the Central Bank of Zimbabwe who had since fled the country after their relationship was known.

The lonely Mugabe could spend days without food and holding a portrait of his first wife Sally who died from kidney failure while weeping.

MUGABE also weeps bitterly accusing the army of betraying him. He could be heard saying he could not believe what the military did to him yet he was paying them handsomely to buy their loyalty.

Mugabe’s friends all deserted him and his regular visitor was his daughter who graduated recently with a first class honors degree in Economics from Singapore.

All the phones to his resident were disconnected.

His birthday which used to be marked with a lot of fanfares was celebrated this year only with the current president addressing the nation through the TV and even in that speech, Mugabe’s name was not mentioned.

Then came a debilitating sickness which saw MUGABE emptying his bladder on his trouser, he was confined to a wheelchair.

Even the properties he accumulated could not help him.

Even his education could not help him.

His friends were not near him.

Mugabe went to meet his maker the way he came into this world -EMPTY HANDED.

Perhaps Mugabe’s money and properties are being enjoyed by Grace and  her illicit lover who never sweated for them.

Let those who are grabbing land, stealing public money continue doing so, they will go to meet God empty handed and their properties will be enjoyed by some idiots who have no clue of them.

The best moments one could spend in this world is with God and with  your children, your wife/husband.

Lastly, there is a need to pursue God with the same speed, vigor and enthusiasm we pursue earthly possession which are vanity.

May we think more of eternity than pleasure that never lasts? Shalom

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