Culminating from a four years research as a student in the faculty of Sociology at Fourah Bay College recently graduated, Abu Bakarr Sesay has compiled a very interesting work piece on the political governance on Sierra Leone in which he sums up as a Rhapsody of realities between the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and the All People’s Congress (APC) which he says are the backbone or mentors of emerging young politicians who cannot be distinguish from the ideologies of their forefathers.

Abu Bakarr argues that all outstanding politicians in Sierra Leone had either served either of the parties but now bent on disowning them over frustrated relations with the hierarchy. He says Dr. Abass Bundu, Speakers of the House of Parliament,  served the  Siaka Steven’s era as Foreign Affairs  Minister, he know the murmurings of the APC cabal and is never nervous of any. Ibrahim’s Keita rejoined his political party the SLPP after strings of difference with the NGC, Dr. Dennis Sandy declared for the SLPP after narrow relations with the APC party, Charles Margai rotative moments seemed to be over after his last defeat with the governing SLPP party. Mohamed Bangura has traversed the PMDC, UDM and APC but his next choice signals a good bye from politics except he cunningly declared for the SLPP.

Like Bangura like Alpha Khan who has lost  support from the APC grassroots for his  public commentaries, public expectations from Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray are all but disappointing as he says he is contemplating joining a yet to be disclose political party.

Renowned Lawyer and Judge Dr. Abdulai Conteh was a recruit of Siaka Steven’s to serve as Foreign Minister but age is the factor for him to make another exit.

Renowned international bidder Zainab Bangura could sacrifice her postings in Kenya under the UN tickets if she is assured to clinch the APC flagbearer tussle. Abu Bakarr says most alarming for Sierra Leone is the evidence that even the young generation of Politicians infiltrating in the SLPP and APC could only drive along the same old habit if they are to let a say in governance.

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