The Native Consortium is deeply concerned over the discomfort and scarcity of transportation suffered by the citizens across the country particularly in Freetown. This is not unconnected with the deliberate cocktail of artificial scarcity in Diesel by the Oil Marketers. Diesel has never been scarce in this country and therefore, we find this too strange as citizens. Between 2018 to date, fuel crisis has become problems like almost every three months.

We economic justice Organisation, we want to unequivocally state that if the Government make any disproportionate increment in the pump prices of fuel, we would stage another demonstration. We strongly believe the lack of economic diversification to mobilize more revenue and the Non liberalisation of the section; will continue to created huge pressure on by way of high taxes on petroleum products.

We urge the Police and the Ministry of Transport to monitor the unpatriotic and mischief making drivers who runs halfway their normal routes thereby creating the discomfort for ordinary citizens.

Inasmuch as the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA) and the Trade Ministry have woefully failed to engage with the Native Consortium to look at possible recommendation. We are also not oblivious of the tensions between the US and Iran on the hike in the international Platt for crude. However, the plight of the citizens should be central to the Government and even Leaders of the Opposition Parties. But sadly most of our Opposition politician has become a pariah to the people.

We want to thank President Bio for his tough stance taken against the Oil Marketers /Dealers in November last year. We are also calling on the President to take another bold step or else our peaceful demonstration is eminent inevitable against any disproportionate increment.

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