President Bio Grateful to Dr. Prince Harding

President Bio Grateful to Dr. Prince Harding

The President, His Excellency Dr. Julius Maada Bio has honored the National Chairman of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party who also doubles as the Chairman and Commissioner, National Commission for Privatization (NCP), and other notable Sierra Leoneans at the 2022 Insignia and awards on the Independence of Sierra Leone.

Dr. Prince Harding receives this year’s award for his enormous contribution to national development thereby creating and advising the government on various government institutions across the country.

Dr. Prince Alex Harding who hails from BAOMA STATION, BO DISTRICT as his paternal home and SENEHUN KAMAJEI chiefdom, MOYAMBA DISTRICT, as his maternal home and a product of the BO SCHOOL.

The Chairman for the Sierra Leone Peoples Party undertook his tertiary education in ENGLAND, GREAT BRITAIN where he obtained his terminal Degree, Ph.D. in chemistry as an INTERNAL STUDENT, at KING’S COLLEGE, LONDON UNIVERSITY. His Alumnus Number is 42052. The title of his thesis is: SULPHONATE COMPLEXES OF PLATINUM GROUP OF METAL; Synthesis, reaction and catalysis.

The focus of his research dealt with HETEROGENEOUS catalysis with CARBON-HYDROGEN activation that is of great interest to the petroleum industry.

Dr. Prince Harding published (4) substantial papers in the prestigious international journals: the journal of chemical society, Dalton transitions, Britain, and inorganica chemica Acta letter; the title of the papers are as follow:

  1. Sulphonato complexes of Ruthenium, osmium and Iridium: X-ray structure of Aqua (carbonyl)brs (toluene-p-sulphonato) bis (triphenylphosphine) ruthenium (II)
  2. Complexes of the platinum metals, part 31: Reactions of Binuclear Ruthenium (II, III) carboxylates with chelating, Diphosphines: X-ray crystal structure of (Acetate-O, O) bis [ bis (diphenylphosphino) Methane-P, p] ruthenium (II) Tetraphenylborate.
  3. Complexes of the platinum metals 32. Synthesis and chemistry of some Iridium sulphonate derivatives.
  4. Complexes of the platinum metals, part 33. Synthesis of some Ruthenium and Osmium Sulphonate derivatives.

He also published a very important paper from his undergraduate dissertation which contributed greatly to enabling him to obtain a UNDP scholarship and direct access to the Ph.D. program eliminating the need for a master’s Degree.

As National Secretary General of the Sierra Leone People’s Party, SLPP, for eleven unbroken years he piloted the SLPP to take over the reins of power in 1996, and again in 2002.

In 2002 the SLPP got about 71% of the total votes and for the first time in the history of Sierra Leone politics, Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) won the overall votes by an excess of 11,000 in the western area.

Another remarkable achievement under his Leadership as Secretary General, SLPP, was by designed under the code name “THE NORTHERN PROJECT”, the SLPP got 47.5% of the Northern votes cast in the General Election and took total control of four (4) of the District councils i.e.  PORT LOKO, KAMBIA, KABALA, TONKOLILI.

EVEN IN BOMBALI AND FREETOWN CITY COUNCILS, the SLPP had a fair share of the seats averaging 35%

As chairman and Leader, of the SLPP, a Brigade of an admixture of seasoned politicians, smart young people the SLPP did outsmart the then unshakeable APC Juggernaut and removed them from power against all odds. A feat which has never occurred since the inception of democracy in Sierra Leone; A new era of fresh air an decent politics under the unquestionable leadership of Brig ( Rtd) J.M Bio was born, that is  The New Direction.


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