After the Justice Miatta Samba Court Ruling on the March 23rd 2019 APPA injunction matter, PPRC fails to mediate and politically resolved the impasse!

The deliberate delay by the PPRC to politically mediate the over 7 ( seven) months of impasse between the 14 political parties constitutionally registered with APPA has resulted in a split between political parties.

We appluad the several efforts made by the constitutionally elected APPA executive to resolve the stalemate.

However, PPRC deliberately ignored all attempts requesting the institution’ to mediate and seek a permanent political solution to the impasse.

This failure to mediate and resolve the post court injunction matter by the PPRC has led to the conduct of a national delegate conference by some political parties , which has led to the election of a parallel executive to the 2018 constitutionally elected executive .whose mandate of 2 years is expected to expire in 10 months.

Once again , national democratic Institutions such as PPRC, has failed to uphold the basic principles and tenet of electoral democracy and conflict resolution amongst political parties.

We call on all commissioners of the PPRC to understand that all political parties have the same rights, with primary responsibilities of shaping the Political will of citizens, promoting national social and economic programmes , and managing candidates nomination processes for local councils, Parliament and Presidential elections, Section 35 (1) of the 1991 Constitution.

In this regard, they most all be treated equally but not closing the political space for some and dealing with others.

Excluding 50 percent or more political parties from a simple trust and relationship building process amongst political parties is a deliberate act of undermining the political rights of some.

Here is a summary of what PPRC, CSOs, the Media and the International community now has to deal with:

1. Constitutionally elected APPA 3rd October 2018:

1. NURP – chairperson
2. UP – Deputy Chairperson
3. PMDC – Secretary General
4. CDP- Deputy Secretary
5. C4C – Treasurer

2. Today – An Afterthought- executive of 19 October 2019

1. Chairman-Prince Coker- PDP
2.Deputy Chairman-Prince Harding- SLPP
3.Secretary General-Karamoh Kabba- APC
4.Deputy Secretary-Ibrahim Sorie Sesay- CDP
5.Organising Sec-Alice pyne- RUFP
6.Treasure-Nabieu Musa kamara- PLP
7. Financial Secretary- Alagie K. Sesay- ReNIP
8. PRO – Gibril Thullah- CDP
9.Auditor 1 -Martha Karnagbo- SLPP
10. Auditor 2 – Victor King- CDP

How can PPRC facilitate a delegate conference of APPA excluding the senior leadership of eight political parties in Sierra Leone ( almost 50 percent of registered parties)- ADP, PMDC, PLP, UNPP, UDM, NURP, NPD, and UP?

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