By Ibrahim Alusine Kamara

Usually reliable information reaching this medium indicated that the Sierra Leone Police are on the search for one Bobson Kallon for allegedly setting some houses ablaze in Joru village in the Kenema District, Eastern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

According to family sources, Bobson Kallon was staying with his father, mother, step mother and other siblings inclusive his step brothers  and were all engaged in farming activities in Joru village growing crops such as rice, cocoa, corn, cassava etc.

It is reported that after every harvest, they usually share their it into three portions, one for domestic consumption, one for sale and the other is kept as reserve for the next planting season.

Following the death of his father sometimes in December 2010 when he was only seventeen (17), family sources furthered, there was serious infighting within the family, and as a result, the two wives decided that they share the late man’s properties.

After the properties were shared between the two parties, the sources went on, Bobson Kallon and his two brothers secured theirs whilst the other portion went to his stepmother.

However, both parties could not farm in 2011 due to the misunderstanding between the two parties that followed the sharing of the properties.

After 2011, Bobson became a very active farmer and worked every year on their plot planting various crops until 20th March, 2015.

One fateful day whilst Bobson was burning the farm land near the village, the family sources revealed, the fire accidentally spread over from the farm and set ablaze some houses rendering over 70 people homeless and properties worth millions of Leones destroyed.

On the 20th March, 2015 when the incident took place, we were made to understand that Bobson Kallon escaped to an undisclosed location.

It is reported that his mother is presently in police custody helping them with relevant information about the where about of her son.   

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