Plans to Discredit Chief Koblo Queen Exposed

Reports monitored by this medium have unearthed grand conspiracy by certain individuals within the Lunsar community and other miscreants staying abroad trying to disgrace Paramount Chief Koblo Queen have met strong resistance by faithful of the chiefdom.

According to our investigation, Isata Kabia and Ibrahim ‘Bulgur’ Kamara together with certain ill-motivated members of the Lunsar Advocacy Group are saying all sorts of inciting and fabricated messages in the social media to malign and damaged the hard won reputation of the Paramount Chief for no just cause.

Further information reaching this medium reveals that the Lunsar Advocacy Group and other misguided lawbreakers in the chiefdom are behind the looting, burning and mutilating of a harmless Sierra Leonean weeks back which the judiciary is currently looking into.

The Sierra Leone Police should continue their hunts for these fugitives especially that of Isata Kabia and Ibrahim Kamara who are clandestinely obstructing the rule of law in their different locations.

Some of these audio messages in the social media are disgusting and outrageous which have the propensity to interrupt the peace of Marampa Chiefdom.

Marampa Chiefdom was known to be one of the peaceful chiefdom in Portloko District; but due to the resurgent of Isata Kabia and others they are trying to put anarchy and chaos Lunsar.

There is a write-up in the social media coming directly from the Lunsar Advocacy Group which depicts the rebellious and defiant motive of Isata Kabia and her mischief-makers trying to incite the youths of Lunsar towards their Paramount Chief and other elders in Marampa Chiefdom.

“The article is full of malice and hatred,” they said. “Isata Kabia and her cohorts should stop these senseless campaigns on our Paramount Chief and elders.” Voices of youths in the chiefdom explain to Guardian Post.

They further caution Madam Kabia desperation and her continued hate for the Paramount Chief and elders of the Chiefdom to concentrate on better things and stop the unnecessary calumny against the traditional leaders in the chiefdom.

Further intelligence reaching us further explained that Isata Kabia has being working clandestinely with certain misguided and frustrated individuals in the US and in Marampa to attacked and molests the Paramount Chief of Lunsar whenever the needs arise.

Though they have succeeded in the burning, looting and killing one of the relative of the Paramount Chief their accomplice are all over the place sending threatening remarks to Paramount Chief Koblo Queen and his families.

These barbaric and premeditated actions by Isata Kabia and others should not go unpunished as her recent audio messages in the social media speaks volume of her treacherous acts.

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