PC Banya on Civic Education!!

Hon. P.C Mohamed Sama Kailodo Banya IV of Luawa Chiefdom has embarked on a civic education with school authorities and sub chiefs over the variables that were responsible for the poor performance of pupils in public exams.

The aim of Hon. PC Banya to undertake this activity was to complement the President Flagships project in Free and Quality Education, and to request communities to embrace it.

Speaking to the community people in the Town Barry at Mende Buima, P.C Banya explained that it was a collective responsibility by the various actors, ranging from Government, School Authorities, Parents, Pupils and the community that led to such a poor performance by our pupils.

P.C Banya also further state that Bye- Laws should be formulated by the community people to Forster adequate monitoring strategy on school activities by the Parents, Sub Chiefs and School Authorities to how to mitigate it.

Hon. P.C Banya strictly advised his Sub Chiefs to minimize traditional practices that hindered school activities. He also told his Sub Chiefs to make a time table on such activities that will not have anything to do with school going Pupils during school hours.

He said, “I want advised men especially youth who are in the habit of impregnating school going girls that the parliament has enacted the sexual offense Act 2019. That incriminates any defaulters”

He concluding his statement, he advised school Head Master to used the school subsidy in the interest of school and make it known to the Sub Chiefs in that town or village for transparency and accountability sake. “That the school subsidy is not for Head Masters”.

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