Enough Is Enough





THE PATRIOTIC ALLIANCE FOR EQUAL JUSTICE in Collaboration with seventeen (17) other Civil Society Organizations hereby vehemently condemns the Executive Director of Green Scenery Joseph Rahall and Hon. Sheka Sama of Constituency 104 in the Pujehun District in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone for the following:

  1. Arbitrary violations of the rights of the residents of Malen Residents contrary to the United Nation Human Rights charter, the Geneva Human rights Convention and the African Union Human Right Charter of which Sierra Leone is a signatory.
  2. For their collaborative alliance to frustrate the efforts of SOCFIN Agricultures Company (SAC) and other potential investors; Socfin is the largest oil palm plantation in the sub region to change the image of Sahn Malen Chiefdoms from a long deprived, abandoned, and isolated chiefdom to one worth emulation by others.
  3. For their blatant neglect to the majority needs of the people and violations of the confidence of trust in the relationship between constituency stakeholders and parliamentary representation.  we are looking on the broader picture

For their unpatriotic and nationalistic tendency to wage irrational war to an investment group of credible international rating to the hindrance of the people of a Sahn Malen Chiefdom.

Ultimatum in sequence to the above circumstances, we are calling on the intervention of the local government ministry, Human Rights commission, Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, the President of the Inter-Religious Council Office of National Security (ONS) AIG South Resident Minister South, Special Adviser to the President on related functions to hold talks with the two parties within 21 days or else we shall stages a peaceful protest to parliament in opposition to Hon. Shaka and Joseph Rahal and its international partner FIAN for the inhuman act in that part of the country.

In adherence to the above, we, the members of the Patriotic Alliance for Equal Rights hereby solemnly declare: That we shall continue to manifest our unflinching support for SOCFIN Agricultural Company being the epitome of rapid developmental strides introduced in the Sahn Malen Chiefdom in the Pujehun District.

SOCFIN Agricultural Company has scored the highest achievements compared to none in any other sector in terms of Social Corporate Responsibility and the creation of employment for thousands of Sierra Leonean, its focus, vision is unending as multiple of projects are under way for to support the one’s already implemented bravo!

We have being fooled by Hon. Sheka Sama and Mr. Joseph Rahall for the past seven years but yet still we have not seen anything other than incitement and public unrest in Sahn-Malen chiefdom.

We have tired with these uncharacterized and deliberate attempts by Sheka Sama and Joseph Rahall in disrupting the peace and quietness in Sahn-Malen chiefdom.

We are calling the world at large not to take Joseph Rahall of Green Scenery and its international partner FIAN together with Sheka Sama serious; they are mischief makers as residents and the youthful populaces in Sahn-Malen Chiefdom are not in supports of their cynical and dubious activities again.

Yours Faithfully

Felix …..

Executive Director



Vice President

Chief Minister

Minister of Finance


All Diplomats

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