Over 18,000 Mercury Customers Walkaway with 4.7 Billion Leones payout

Over 18,000 Mercury Customers Walkaway with 4.7 Billion Leones payout

Over 18,000 customers  on Friday 13th March 2020, flooded Mercury International Payment Centers across the country including the main Walpole Street center in Freetown in joyous mood as the company dishes out over  4.7 Billion Leones payout in Oddest Regular (Football) winnings.

The payout is the company’s biggest since the start of the 2020 calendar year and in football. The Oddest Regular Set 14120 Mega List produced a total number of Thirteen Thousand, Nine Hundred and Thirteen (13, 913) winners who were able to scoop the total sum of Three Billion, Three Hundred and Thirty-Two Million, Eight Hundred and Sixty-Nine Thousand, Nine Hundred and Sixty-Eight Leones (3,332,869,968).

Furthermore; Four Thousand Three Hundred and Seventy-Eight (4,378) winners scooped a total of Nine Hundred and Twenty-Nine Million, Four Hundred and Sixty-One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Seventy-Eight Leones (929,461,778) in the Oddest Regular Set 14131.

Public Relations Manager, Alhaji Komba, says, such a terrific winning by customers shows that it is not only the lottery game that is producing millionaires as a product on a daily basis, as we are having such big winning in the oddest regular sets in the game of football betting.

“We are not surprised that the company could produce over 18 thousand Sierra Leonean millionaires on a single day, it is about customers yielding dividend from the trust and confidence they have in the operations of Mercury International as a Sports Betting and Lottery company,” the Mercury International PR Manager said.

Meanwhile, both Oddest Regular Sets produced individual winners of Nine Million, Eight Hundred and Seventy-Seven Thousand, One Hundred and Thirty Thousand Leones (9,877,130) and Four Million, Two Hundred and Eighty-eight Thousand, Three Hundred and Five Leones (4,288,305).

One of the winners, Ibrahim Kargbo said he is pleased to be a lucky winner and a new millionaire especially with the current economic situation in the country.

“Winning over Two Million Leones at this difficult time is something I was not expecting even though I played. I only tried my luck and that by no mistake, this will make a big change in my life as I hope to utilize this cash in a beneficial way,” Kargbo said.

Other lucky winners on the other hand, praised the payment process of Mercury International, describing it as easy access to their money with all payment centers opened and staff in readiness to dish out monies to lucky winners across the country.   

In October 2019, Mercury International made a total payout of Three Billion, Six Hundred Millions Leones (Le 3.6, 000,000) to over Thirteen Thousand (13,000) customers in a single individual draw.

 The Tuesday night Edition 62 of the Company’s National Draw provided the biggest individual lottery draw winner with the drop of popular balls, 18-81 from the winning balls: 18-36-81-65-74 (Extra 6-(39), Extra 7-(29)).

In same October of 2019, a total of 5,000 (Five Thousand) customers won Le 1.2 Billion (One Billion, Two Hundred Million Leones) from Edition 61 of the Kangari 5/90 lottery draw with the fall of 58-85 in Turbo 4 and in the International Draw, a total of One Billion, Twenty-Nine Million, One Hundred and Eighty-Nine Thousand Leones (Le 1, 029,189,000.00) was paid-out for another set of popular ball; 35, 55 from Winning Numbers; (78-55-52-9-35 (Extra 6-58, Extra 7-(54).


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