The Network for Development Sierra Leone will on the 15th of November held its maiden Youth Challenge Summit at the Africell American Corner, Bathurst Street.

The objectives of the summit according to the Executive Director are to create an effective dialogue forum for the youths which will enable them to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas.

Ambassador Christopher H. Kalokoh furthered that sensitive topic such as, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Corruption, Climate Change and Job creation will form part of the discuss which will help brighten the horizon of the youths.

“We need to engage the youth in a positive, be it in the community as a change agent for the development of this country.” He said.

“This unique experience will afford youth with the opportunity to share their feelings and perspective with key stakeholders as a means of using youth voice to inform, influence polices and the government.” He noted.

The program is geared to explore strategies to engage youths also look at what need to be in place organizationally to support youth involvement for national development.

The youth will also learn how to relate to civic engagement and social activism.

The targeted participants for the Youth Challenge Summit will focus on the youthful age of 15-35 of which the total participants will be 300.

The outcome of the meeting will focus on the establish a network of young Sierra Leoneans, leaders and policy makers who will be able to work together to find creative solutions to the issues facing the youth and national development provide an opportunity for youth to present their concerns regarding and solutions to issues facing the country to leading politicians and policy and decision makers, both in person and in resulting summit reports, Increase general knowledge among youth and the general public, encourage youth not currently involved in national issues to become involved and providing support for youth already working or involving in national issues.

Eloquent speakers, policy makers, experts, private-sector representatives, academics, members of civil society and youth representatives, will be gathered to discuss their experience, focusing on concrete examples to facilitate knowledge sharing.

The Network for Development (NeFoD-SL) is a non-profit, Youth lead organization established for specific socio economic and educational development of the deprived.

It was founded on the 10th of January, 2016 by a group of committed young people from various parts of the country; the team is dedicated to the development and empowerment of the youth, irrespective of their religion, gender, color or political affiliations.

NeFoD-SL activities span across Sierra Leone. The vision of the organization is to establish a transform society, through facilitating an equitable, caring and sustainable society where young people are free from poverty and illiteracy.

(NeFoD-SL) is a vital and creative organization that works for National Development in Sierra Leone with room for all kinds of engagements. It is very important that citizens , especially young people use their own abilities to make a difference in their own communities and they should realize that their efforts are necessary and needed in the development of the country.

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