MSM (1000) and Maggie Create Waves at Miss Salone

MSM (1000) and Maggie Create Waves at Miss Salone

By. Abdulai Kanara-Taylor

Two of the most well-known artists MSM-1000 and Maggie reportedly performed incredibly well at the Miss Salone Beauty Pageant.

MSM is one of the successful artists that took part in the renowned AYV Cipher and came out on top, while Maggie who won the Vocal Drift this year, is reported to have performed equally well alongside MSM.

MSM performed his fantastic song titled: African Lowae which is new and its video now hitting all corners of Sierra Leone.

Maggie started her performance with her single titled: Pride. This song is advocating for measures to be taken against rape and also calling on young girls to abstain from teenage sex in order to excel to the highest peak in their academic pursuits.

The two young stars are under Matchbox Studio and Sage Classic Music.

After the performance this press spoke with both stars and they explained that their journey to stardom had not been easy and that they put in all their effort and talent to become who they are today.

According to them their own type of music is more of classic and elite music and not the usual type of music heard every day; adding that their music is more educational and meant to send out messages that would develop a nation, a home and a society.

According to Manager of MSM-1000, Abdulai commonly known as OPP he is calling on the whole nation; especially Brookfields and Portuguese Town Community to support his star and expect more quality songs this year.


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