By Donstance Koroma

The Mano River Union has recently concluded a training session with border communities, police officers, soldiers and Paramilitary officers residing and or working in the districts of Kambia, Port Loko, Pujehun and Kono.

The Joint Border Security and Confidence Building Unit JBSCBU that was jointly implemented by the Office  of National Security ONS, Independent Police Complains Board  IPCB and the Mano River Union with funds from the United Nationals Development Program UNDP.

The training that brought together 133 participants was aimed at strengthening border communities and early warnings structures to support the response to COVID 19 pandemic in Sierra Leone.

The training emphasized the establishment of an Early warning and rapid response mechanism among the population to be able to resolve local challenges using local initiatives, share information and knowledge on issues that can directly or otherwise lead to a tendency to undermine authority, increase knowledge through IEC training and materials and strengthen existing community structures to support relaying information to district and community structure in COVID 19 response.

The training was also concluded with the delivery of hygiene and hand washing kits to the joint border units Jendema and Gbalamuya and communities of Pujehun and Koidu.

PC Bai Farma Bubu Ngak Magbama, Kambia District said “I am very happy today going from this place, I have learned more and I know how to communicate with my community about the disease. I am sufficiently strengthened to prevent the spread of the pandemic in my community”

MRU encourages all citizens to adhere to the preventive measures especially as it’s relates to guideline on movement within and between borders as the virus should be seen as more of an “international traveler”

MRU secretariat is of the considered view that the corona virus disease does not requires us to panic but to rely on credible information which National Health Public Institutions are expected to listen, read and or view and rely upon and where possible prevent the spread of COVID 19.

The MRU joins in solidarity and sympathy with countries outside of the region most especially the People Republic of China, and other Asian countries, Europe and the Americans, most especially the United States of America as well as other Africa countries who have lost valuable citizens to this new strain of the corona virus disease.

It could be recalled that the Mano River Union in November 2019 signed a MOU with UNDP and the initiative reflects its commitment to the government of Sierra Leone in the response against the world deadly virus.

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