The former Minister of Information and Communication Mohammed Bangura has in a whatsapp voice note exposes certain officials of the All Peoples Congress Party which he describe as enemy of progress.

According to the legislator, he has noticed many people in the All Peoples Congress Party of attempting to alienate him because of his recent outbursts in the media.

In a clear audios messages to his comrades in the All Peoples Congress Party, Bangura clearly spelt the sacrifices he and late Thaimu Bangura made for the APC and the chain of events that first led him to quit the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) and later came to joined the All Peoples Congress Party.

His audios are in response to all those in the APC, who according to him, are questioning his membership, commitment and sacrifices for the party.

He emphasized that he was APC yesterday, today and will be APC tomorrow.

The legislator for constituency 066 said he was persecuted by some his colleagues for the wrong things and he will not discuss what transpired between him Sidi Yayah Tunis and few others.

“I cannot say everything in the social media,” he said.

“The gossip and blabbermouth should stop in the All Peoples Congress Party, let focus on things that can put the party together and ones”

It could be recalled that Mohamed Bangura was over the traditional media condemning the party secretariat for taking sluggish approached on the arrests of the former Mayor and Abu-Barkarr Daramy.

Immediately after that interview according to the lawmaker he started receiving unpleasant messages from some of his comrades accusing him wrongly for no just cause.  

The All People Congress Party according to the Member of Parliament should thread cautiously and allowed all on sundry to participate in the party upcoming conventions.

He also praised his Leader and Chairman for all what he has done for him by naming him as Information and Communication Minister.

“I pray that the good Lord will continue to bless Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma for given me the platform to show my leadership quality to Sierra Leoneans.”

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