It is my pleasure on behalf of Management to welcome you to the Launch of our end of year promotion and may we be the first to extend compliments of the season.

Africell has served and continue to serve as a consistent source of exciting entertainment shows by bringing unrivaled promotions and TV shows to the people of Sierra Leone.

Our promotions are quite unique, loaded with excitement and lots of fun game.

We also pride ourselves in the fact that we do not bank on yesterday’s success or repeat previous promotions.

We set very HIGH standards for our teams and place constant demand on our creativity minds, that is why subscribers are constantly in anticipation of our next move.

If what we choose to bring on TV doesn’t arouse interest from within or is deficient of a WOW effect, we do not let it see the light of day. 

Presently we are hosting the biggest Music Show on TV, “Be A Star” which would commence live elimination airing on Sunday 24th November on AYV @ 8:00PM.

It is a platform designed to showcase budding talents by creating the pathway to stardom.

And in continuation of our exciting promotions, Africell is pleased to announce that we will be making more “Millionaires in Sierra Leone with a new promotion called “Be a Millionaire TV Show.”

It will be broadcast live on AYV TV linked up with AfriRadio and all major radio stations nationwide, from Monday 25th November 2019 and will run through till Friday 27th December 2019 from 8:00 P.M   – 8:30 P.M  

During the festive season – which we are in already with the number of events and shows on weekends -, subscribers who recharge a minimum of Le 2,000 will stand the chance to win Le 20,000,000 on week days with over Le 500,000,000 to be won.

And you all know that there is always a catch to it “The MORE you recharge per day, the MORE chances you have to win.

Also, your recharge will be cumulative, meaning, when a SUB recharges Le 3,000 at one instance and Le 2,000 later on, the chances will be added for that day’s draw –the SUB will have 2 or more chances based on the amount recharged.

So the choice is yours, recharge Le 2,000 and get one chance on recharge, Le 4,000 and get 6 chance or Le 10, 000 and get a lot more chances.

Grab this opportunity to be made a Millionaire by Africell.

Let me once again on behalf of Africell SL, welcome you to out premises, wish that you have a great weekend and extend compliments of the season to you and our lovely subscribers.

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