The Management of Milla Group Limited yesterday Monday 30th March, 2020 donated two MILLA tanks to store water for hand washing in the hospital. These are the new products of the company which is designed to eliminate any body contact like touch with the tanks.

According to the manufacturers, each tank has two compartments, one has detergent and the other has plain water. Thus users will use their feet to press a nob that will emit soap water, after which they will press the other nob, again with their feet to get plain water to wash off the soap. This new innovation, they said will ensure the complete eradication of hand touch and eventually reduce the means of contracting any disease.

Receiving the items on behalf of President Bio and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Professor Alpha Tejan Wurie expressed profound appreciation to the Milla Group for this kind gesture and admonished other private sector investors to emulate the actions of the group. He stated that this gesture is an example of the Corporate Social Responsibility of the group. He maintained that the design of the tanks will ensure less touch with the hands, as it is the usual conduit of the disease. He admonished citizens across the country to adhere to the preventive directives of the government, of which washing of hands, avoiding the shanking of hands and keep a one metre distance from people and no gathering are key to maintaining the zero case and preventing the virus from coming to the country. He informed citizens that using the ordinary soap well and frequently to wash their hands together with the other measures will keep them safe. He then performed the first rite for the use of the facility by washing his hands, effectively demonstrating how to use the tank.

Manager of Milla Group, Mr. Rajesh Hemani earlier told the audience that this is the right time to come to the aid of Sierra Leoneans and support the government in its fight to maintain the zero case scenarios and hand-washing is an integral part of this action. As a plastic manufacturing company of various products including water tanks, they have introduced an ideal tank that will eliminate touching with the hand, thereby reduce the possibility of infection of citizens, especially in a hospital facility like Connaught Hospital.  

Speaking to the Health Newspaper, the Director of Hospital and Ambulance services, Dr. Mathew Vandy thanked the entire management of MILLA Group Ltd for their timely support to combat COVID-19 and the measures put in place by the Health Ministry and the Government to tackle Coronavirus in Sierra Leone.

He furthered disclosed that, all health workers should be vigilant in observing all the protocols put by the MoHS in preventing the deadly coronavirus.

Director Vandi appeals to philanthropists, NGO, INGO and Development partners to support Sierra Leone in combating the COVID -19, “as Sierra Leone is the only country in West Africa, that is still recorded zero case of Coronavirus” says Dr. Vandi.

Dr. J.C. Boima thanked the Milla group for the support and the President and the Minister for the implementation of the preventive measures introduced. He further encouraged the Milla Group to provide similar facility for the other wards in the hospital.

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