Man Sentenced to Death

By Richmond B Tholley

The Presiding Judge of the High Court special session Holdings in Magburaka, Justice Aiah Simeon Alieu has sentenced to Death by hanging one Osman Sulaiman Kabia of Masakie village, Kholifa Mabang Chiefdom, Northern Province.

The convict was in Court on one count of murder contrary to Law. His particular of offence says, on the 7th November, 2018 at Masakie village, kholifa mabang Chiefdom murdered Alie Yateh, an SSS 3 pupil of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School Makeni.

Testifying in Court, deceased father said he recognized the accused in the dock and recalled on the said date, his son, now deceased, was sleeping when the convict jumped into the room with a knife and stab him. It all started about three years ago when the convict has been accusing my son of having Love affairs with his wife, one Mamusu Sankoh, deceased father. The incidence that led to the murder of my son started some days after he visited the village from Makeni for his school fees, the father told the Court. He said Kabia has always suspecting his son with his wife. Few days before the incidence, the father who’s the first Prosecution witness in the matter said his son was summoned to the village headman by the convict. Since then Alie, my son and convict have been foes. The convict’s action surprised everyone in the village, after both were asked to maintain the peace and I warned my son not to have anything to do with his wife. And my son has always denied having anything to do with the said Mamusu Sankoh and promised me he won’t have anything to do with her.

According to medical reports, deceased was left with 4cm laceration wound and he died as a result of Haemoragic shock, lack of blood supply to the organs (is brain, heart and kidney). The Accused was represented by Lawyer Mohammed Morie of the Legal Aid Board and whiles the state was represented by Arun Jalloh, State Counsel and Customary Law Officer of North East region. In his final ruling, justice Alieu Said though he’s taking into consideration the defense Team pleaded for mercy on behalf of the accused, but he’s also looking at the nature of the matter in question which is serious and punishable by law. The victim and deceased in this matter is a school going pupil who was murdered in the most brutal manner, he said he’s sentencing convict to Death by hanging.


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