Both the SLPP and the APC are fund of blaming each other for their incompetent style of governance.

Since Independence, this country enjoyed the fruit of the Nation only under the leadership of Sir Million Margai and late Juxon Smith. Those two great leaders brought progress to our country. We had better educational system, infrastructure and sustainable Energy in all Provincial capitals.

The economy under Sir Albert Margai was in good shape too but unfortunately his governance style was the beginning of regionalism and partisan politics.

Pa Sheki and late J.S Momoh totally destroyed our beloved nation. During their reign, blackouts, corruption, poor education and infrastructure, partisan politics had their signatures. Over 27 years in governance, they left our country morally and mentally bankrupt. Thus the NPRC coup was inevitable.

Late Tejan Kabba, a great leader, took over a bankrupt economy and a war torn country. He brought peace back to this nation, built back our institutions, tried to eradicate regionalism and finally left a strong economy with no foreign debts. He was a hardworking and a man with principles.

President EBK took over from late Tejan Kabba at a time when China started massive investments in Africa. It enabled him to construct roads. However the price we have to pay is too high. Foreign debt passed the US$2 billion margin. He did too little to promote the Agenda of late Tejan Kabba in fighting corruption and regionalism. His first term in office was successful but his second term was obstructed by the Ebola crisis. Thereafter he became power thirsty and he still clinches on to power.

President Bio took over two years ago. Our expectations were high. We hoped that he was going to deliver successfully.

Unfortunately the two years in governance, has shown nothing more than State overspending.

Political instability and cost of living have reached astronomical height.

The SLPP Govt. has failed to follow the footsteps of late Tejan Kabba. Their method of leadership will lead to their defeat in the 2023 elections if they continue this unprogressive leadership style.

They should not forget that elections can only be won, if the citizens are satisfied with the economy and security. This is not the case for now. Covid-19 will also create a negative impact on our economy during their rest term in office.

Instead of delivering, they continue the THE BLAME GAME. They continuously blame the former APC Govt. for the hardship. They fail to realize that late Tejan Kabba took over the worst economy ever in our history and he blamed no one. He was able to achieve a lot at a time of war.

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