By SALWACO Communications Unit

With support from World Vision, residents in Kono have applauded SALWCO water supply during the three-day lockdown.

Bouzers and SALWACO Milla tanks are all over the district supplying water just like any normal day according to Madam Yongai a resident in Koidu city and also a beneficiary. 

“We do not have any reason to go out in search of water during this lockdown”. she said.

Kono district is among districts that suffer as a result of water supply. With the new management in charge, water supply remains a thing of the past in most villages outside Koidu city. There are twelve gravity schemes around the district. 

The SALWACO management before the lockdown had alerted its station across the country to provide water to communities.  Meanwhile, the Managing Director SALWACO, Munda Sandi is out on the road, with his “SOJA TEAM” of abled engineers, ensuring that every major provincial town benefit from arrangements they had earlier put in place, that is, the areas with pipe borne water gets continuous flow of water.

This is our commitment to our people Mr. Sandi said noting that water is life and the commodity needed most to fight Corona virus.

“We will make sure water is available throughout this period and beyond’ Mr Sandi promised.  Water bowser is sent to Koidu to ease the stress for water within this three-day lockdown.

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