Isata Kabia to Come Out Clean!!!

Isata Kabia to Come Out Clean!!!

Isata Kabia, an indigene of Marampa Chiefdom, Portloko District should come out clean and help the Sierra Leone Police with important information that leads to the Lunsar fiasco on the 30th April.

Information reaching The Guardian Post implicates the latter of grand conspiracy in premeditated attacked on the Paramount Chief compound, Burning of properties and touching the Sierra Leone Police station in Lunsar that also leads to the death of one Alie Kabia right at the compound of the Paramount Chief and several others injured.

Isata Kabia according to our information is allegedly grooming young boys in Lunsar Township to wreak havoc on stakeholders in the township to the vexation of some elders who are working closely with police to unmask these lawbreakers.

The latter is one of the detractors of the New Direction government that have the effrontery to publicly abuse and molests senior government officials for no good reason knowingly fully well that leadership comes from God and not man.

Isata who is based in Virginia, USA, is known for inciting young boys in Lunsar for reason best known to her and his associates who are bent on creating chaos and mischiefs in the township for the past years now.

“We are completely shock to have learned that Isata Kabia is doing all these nefarious and evil works against the people of Marampa Chiefdom,” voices of elders in the chiefdom who spoke to this medium via telephone last evening.

“We are urging the Sierra Leone Police to declare Isata Kabia wanted for her direct involvement into the recent skirmishes in the chiefdom.”

According to the elders, the soul of Alie Kabia who was lynched by these desperate hoodlums will continued to hunt Isata Kabia and her comrades who are trying to make the chiefdom ungovernable and lawless.

It could be recalled that President Julius Maada Bio recently condemned the barbaric and rebel act by certain unscrupulous persons in Lunsar for the killing, looting, burning of properties worth millions of Leones.

President Julius Maada Bio was very unequivocal in his message to Sierra Leoneans that his government will not tolerate or encouraged any individuals trying to disrupt the peace of the country; as they will be dealt with heavily by the laws of the land. 

One such individual involved in this clandestine motive is Isata Kabia whose social media vulgarity and accent continued to divide the chiefdom on a daily basis.

The Sierra Leone Police should do something to this miscreant who is saying all sort of gibberish and inciting messages to the gullible public in Lunsar, the police should nip it in the bud before it get out of control by declaring her wanted.

Our correspondence in Lunsar explain to us yesterday evening that various youth groups in the chiefdom have now made it point of duty to listening social media audios from Isata Kabia as mandatory and compulsory.

“I can authoritatively say that the youths of Lunsar Township have made it a must in listening to audios recording coming from Madam Kabia in a daily basis,” he said.

“Some of these audios are inciting and the Sierra Leone Police should try to listen to some of these audios coming from someone who say she’s born in Marampa Chiefdom.

Though the situation in the chiefdom is quiet and peaceful; the continuous audio recordings via whatsapp and YouTube by Madam Kabia to youths in the chiefdom is a security concern for the police to brace-up their belt for any eventuality.

Concern stakeholders of the Chiefdom are also urging the President through his Resident Minister and the security apparatus to tighten security in the chiefdom.

According to them, Lunsar was one of the most peaceful chiefdom in Portloko District but with the advent of Isata Kabia in the USA things are gradually getting out of hands due to her incitement and public disregard of laws and orders in the country.

The youthful populace of Lunsar should stay-off from problem and also allowed the laws of the land to prevail; Isata Kabia should put the chiefdom above her petty behavior and stop the provocation that has the tendency to erode all the goodies in the chiefdom.

The government should stand tall and not allowed someone like Isata Kabia to send Marampa Chiefdom to chaos and confusion.


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