Citizens Advocacy Network is terribly devastated by the sudden demise of Superintendent of Police Mr. Kelvin Amadu Abioseh Samura (Jr) who passed on to eternity on 5th July 2020.

Officer Kelvin as he is commonly called is one of the ten (10) Police officers that were summarily dismissed from the Sierra Leone Police without recourse to due processes and procedures of law. He approached our offices (CAN) to solicit our intervention. In a conversation with the Executive Director of CAN, Officer Kelvin, expressed grave disappointment and frustration over the inhumane and unjust manner in which he was sacked. As a young police officers with huge potential who has diligently served the Police Force for twenty Seven years the least he expected was to be dismissed for reasons unknown to him.

Officer Kelvin, wrote an appeal to the Police Council, headed by the Vice President of Sierra Leone but nothing came out of it. The Ombudsman intervened and summoned the Police Leadership to give reasons for their decision but was treated with contempt. CAN advocated through formal letters and a Press Statement dated 10th June 2020, all efforts proved futile.

Officer Kelvin, confessed of having sleepless nights on account of the gross injustice mated out on him and his other colleagues. He felt dejected by an institution he dedicated his entire professional life to. Sad!

He eventually lost hope in the system and gave up the ghost!

Officer Kelvin, like many other victims of injustice died heartbroken.

How long shall we continue to foster injustice to triumph over good conscience? How long shall we continue to abuse processes and procedures?

How long shall we continue to suffocate the human rights of poor and disadvantaged people in society?

How long shall we continue to bastardize the rule of law?

How long shall we continue to endure travesty of justice? May the soul of Officer Kelvin and other victims of injustice rest in eternal bliss through the mercy of God.

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