In Tonkolili District… Man Sent to Exiled

In Tonkolili District… Man Sent to Exiled

By Richmond Brima Tholley

Alusine Kargbo, a middle age man in Makomp village, Simiria Chiefdom, in the Tonkolili District, Northern Sierra Leone, was forced to flee his birth place, leaving behind his family, after traditions and customs demand.

This came after he was accused by a group of traditional herbalists (Sorcerers) in the chiefdom and the community of being the murderer of one Alimamy Tamba Koroma of the same village.

The sudden and mysterious death of the deceased shocked the entire community which prompted the family to consult traditional herbalist to establish the fact that led to the demise of their relative.

Speaking to Mountain Waves, the Regent Chief of Simiria chiefdom, John White Kamara Said, Alusine was banished from the Land on allegations that he secretly used witch gun (fankay) to murder the deceased who happens to be the breadwinner in the family.

He said three Sorcerers were consulted and on all occasions, the three confirmed Kargbo to be the Killer of deceased. By the traditions and customs of the chiefdom, the Regent Chief said, he must be banished from the Land. Such actions he said are not new in the chiefdom.

He also cited example during the days of PC Alimamy Bangura the second, his predecessor, in which similar banishment was invoked in the chiefdom.

The whereabouts of Kargbo, an indigene and resident of Makomp village, Mayoso Section, is currently unknown, after his own people, community, traditions and customs disowned him.

Until his banishment from the Land, Alusine Kargbo denied the allegations and called on human rights and civil Society Organizations for their timely intervention.

He swear not to forgive all those he said plotted against him or falsely accused him of an allegation he didn’t aware of. Simiria chiefdom in Tonkolili district is dominated by the Limba ethnic group and Gbangbani is known as the main male secret society that binds all and sundry and it laws is not a respecter of anyone.

However, Kargbo’s unknown whereabouts has sparked a debate from across the District of Tonkolili and the Northern region, as Cross section of society, especially Human Rights and Civil Society Organizations have condemned the act calling it unconstitutional and inhuman treatment; because the latter was never tried in a competent Court of Law to be proven guilty.


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