On Saturday 27th June 2020, the Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police, Mr. Ambrose Michael Sovula paid an unannounced visit to BO.

He admonished Police personnel on the use of face masks and other preventive measures put in place by government in the fight against the global pandemic in a bid to stop the chain of transmission of the virus.

He spoke tough on compliance with the COVID 19 precautionary measures put in place.

The SLP has the mandate to enforce those laws and equally so, it is compulsory for all police personnel to use face masks in public places.

The IGP called on the CDIID to enforce the use of face masks by all serving members of the Sierra Leone police across the length and breadth of the southern region.

He spoke about plans put in place in order to improve on the welfare of the personnel.

The Regional Police Commander South, AIG Mr. William Fayia Sellu thanked the IGP for his fatherly address and reassured him of his maximum support to ensure that police personnel strictly adhere to those preventive measures and enforce the general public as well to comply with those measures in the fight against the global pandemic in our country.

Thanks Media South.

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