Hundreds Left Homeless

Hundreds Left Homeless

By Richmond B Tholley

More than hundred residents in Ferengbeya, Foria and Wondugu, in Kegbema section, Dasogoia Chiefdom, Tonkolili District, are homeless as their dwelling houses were swept by a heavy wind, residents say.

The three were among the communities affected by the Iron ore mining operations carried out by then African minerals Ltd.

 Explaining their ordeals, residents say, they were forcefully relocated without notice to another location. Ferengbeya and its neighbours, wondugu and Fodia, were among the communities affected by  African Mineral’s operation in Dasigoia Chiefdom, Northern Sierra Leone, but residents say there’s nothing to write home about.

We were only informed our village is part of the communities to be mined by the company and that we must be relocated to another location, Kabah Mansaray, town chief of wondugu village.

Prior to the relocation, we were promised of better housing and water facility, electricity and other basic amenities, Mansaray added. It’s eight years since the relocation, we have been living miserably.

A Youth in Ferengbeya Section Chief of Kegbema, Ibrahim Kargbo said, more than hundreds of his subjects are homeless and the houses the company built for them badly needs renovation.

As a community, the chief said, his people are going through difficulties in life, just to make ends meet. He said they were promised Free Land to farm, but to avail. It’s disheartening they forced us to leave the Land of our forefathers to a strange location, all of a sudden, we weren’t able to enjoy what was promised to us, he said.

Among those interviewed was a mother of five, who expressed dissatisfaction over what she described as the failure of the company to fulfilled all the promises made.

According to her stakeholder’s in the communities don’t speak on their on their behalf; and as a mother, she’s going through a lot to cope up with the ordeals with her present predicament.

‘We don’t have lands to farm, she narrated, the company promised us loans and it’s disappointing they went ahead to open Bank Accounts which is being manipulated by our local authorities,’ she alleged.

The town Chief of Fodia, Mohamed Daboh, Said, the three communities are faced with plethora of issues, ranging from housing, water, education and Land to farm among others.

He said women and children would walk two Miles or more to access water which sometimes is not accessible.


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