Gold Miner Sentenced to 10yrs For Killing an SS3 Pupil

By: Richmond B Tholley

Hon Justice Aiah Simeon Alieu of the Criminal special session of the High Court Holden’s in Magburaka town, Tonkolili District, has sentenced to ten years imprisonment, a gold miner, Saidu Sankoh, and resident of Petifu Mandugu village, Kunike Sanda Chiefdom, Tonkolili District, in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone for the offence of murder.

The 25 Years Old gold miner was in court for one count charge of murder contrary to Law.

Revealing his particulars of offence in Court, Saidu Sankoh,  accused then and convict now, was said on the 11th July 2017, at Petifu Mandugu village Kunike Sanda Chiefdom, Tonkolili Judicial District, Northern province of the Republic of Sierra Leone murdered one Abdul Koroma.

Testimonies of Prosecution witnesses in Court state, accused on the said date were in an argument with deceased when he got angered and stab deceased to death.

First prosecution witness, John Koroma, deceased father said, for the past months prior to the said incidence, accused has been complaining his son (deceased) to stay away from his younger sister, different testimonies tendered in Court revealed that deceased and accused younger sister are having love affairs, a relationship accused didn’t favour and has been complaining and warning deceased to stay away from his sister. Whiles in police custody, accused confessed to have murdered the deceased with a knife and he said it’s due to deceased reluctance to stay away from his sister.

Sentencing the 25 Years Old Saidu Sankoh, the Honourable Judge Said, accused having pleaded guilty and taking into consideration he murdered deceased intentionally, he’s in spirit to sentenced accused person to 10 years imprisonment.

In a similar development, one Isatu Kamara of Dasigoia Chiefdom was convicted of killing his three months old baby and Adama Turay of Mamaunta Mayossoh Chiefdom was convicted of murdering her husband were both jailed for 5 and 4 years respectively.


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