Ghanaian Expert Trains Green World Leaders

A leading world organization based in Michigan and approved by the American Food and Drug Administration, Green World International, has sent to Sierra Leone a Ghanaian-born International Trainer and expert in herbal medicines, Mr. Issac Evans Condouh, to train its team leaders and administrative staff in a two-week period.

At the orientation course held at Green World Sierra Leone Chapter’s headquarters office at 1 Lumley Road in Lumley, Evans informed trainees that Green World was established twenty-five years ago with subsidiaries in 46 countries, including the United Kingdom, USA, Western Europe, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Brazil, to name just a few, in all five continents of the world.

He said Green World founder, Professor Doming Hi, is a renowned Chinese Microbiologist, adding that his aims, objectives and vision is to create awareness in the changing generation that pharmaceutical medicines historically originated from herbal medicine which was used by early generations of the world before the advent of what is referred to as modern medicine.

He maintained that this initiative has capacitated both the youths and old to contributing to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of countries by engaging in cooperative business related ventures for self-reliance and socio-economic sustainability for its nine-hundred and fifty million employee’s world over.

He furthered that in Ghana alone more than a million youths from Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale in the North to the Volta Region, have volunteered their academic and tertiary educational background to market Green World, which does not only provide satisfactory salaries as compared to the public and civil service sector, but also provide vehicles, accommodation facilities and other exceptional services for those who have attained from level four to eight.

In his welcome note, the Country Representative, Mr. Alieu Kanu aka Chief, said “the presence of Mr. Issac Evans Condouh indicates our commitments to creating jobs for our rising youth population and introduce to them into a world of self-dependency so as to ease too much dependency for employment on government.”

He averred that in Sierra Leone, Green World is going provincial with an estimated seven hundred volunteers who include recent graduates from our universities and other higher institutions of learning.

Deputy Country Representative, Mr. Joseph Sessie, buttressed the on-going developments, noting that it’s a real indication of Green World Sierra Leone’s commitment to nationalistic values.

The two-week training which commenced on Saturday, 14th March 2020 takes Product Training, Compensation Plan, Marketing Methodology, Psychology, Challenges and Success in Marketing as its main topics. Others are the natural essentiality prevalence in herbal medicine, sociological complexities of the distributor and customer, product overview dealing principally on patterns of human behavior, government policies and Green World rules, regulations and policies.

Meanwhile, Mr. Condouh will on March 23rd 2020 hold a similar orientation course in Kenema to motivate, innovate and inculcate the lucrative world which awaits the team leaders and administrative staff.

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