FJP Development and Management Consultants have commenced a six-day Webinar on Internal Audit.

The visual training (3 days a week) commenced on Tuesday 18th August 2020.

The training is for participants to get prepared to mitigate the risks, leverage the opportunities, stay ahead of the competition and for smart investments.

Furthermore, the training is for auditors, Boards of Directors and Managements, content aligned to the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (UK) standards for assuring the quality of internal audit.

Module 1 for 18th August included topics like Purpose and Positioning of Internal Audit, Structure of 1A and Function and Adequacy of Available Resources while Module 2 deals with Execution of the Audit Program, Impact of IA on the Organisation, Problems and Opportunities Before COVID-19 as well as New Problems After COVID 19.

According to Mr. Bowenson Philips of FJP Development and Management Consultants, in the light of the uncertainties brought by the global corona virus pandemic to businesses, the Internal Audit is a key backbone of organizational resilience enlightening that as the battle with the COVID-19 has brought the importance of the body’s immune system to the fore, so the Internal Audit of any enterprise is like its immune system that determines the organization’s ability to withstand environmental stress.

He also revealed that a good number of participants from the sub-region (Ghana, Liberia, The Gambia and Sierra Leone), have already registered for the internationally-acclaimed course disclosing that some unique features about the course are the six well-acclaimed professional women from different multinationals in the sub-region who would serve as guest speakers.

Mr. Bowenson Philips continued that the course is unique because it is specially-designed for effective internet delivery, makes extensive use of real life business case studies with videos, business news and reports and is bench-marked to global quality assurance standards for Internal Audit to provide the potential for service evaluation and improvement.

He further underscored that the training has real time online feedback to organisations participating on their compliance with global benchmarks.    


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