By Donstance Koroma

Reliable source from the office of her worship the Mayor, Aki-sowyer have it that council will in a not too distance future kick start a geo-Mapping to first ascertain the actual amount of properties in Freetown and how much each will pay as property tax.

According to research, council had relied on the sized of the property to determine the property tax which council have proven as not the best way to determine a property tax.

With funds from DIFID, council will dispatch officers across the capital to take stock of the physical characteristics, locations, access to public services among others that will determine the the amount property owners will have to pay as property tax.

According to source, the geo- mapping will brings fairness in the implementation of the property tax system

Council has assured that properties with special facilities like swimming pools, table tennis etc will be expected to pay more as opposed to those that do not have such facilities.

The new demand notice will indicate reasons why an individual is requested to pay a certain amount.

The outcome of the geo-mapping, we are told will enable council to be knowledgeable on the areas where public services are lacking that will enable FCC to partner with the relevant MDA concerns.

FCC strongly holds the view that the mapping will help prioritize implementations.

It could be recalled that  early this year, the central government through the office of the Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh devolved certain functions to FCC which includes zonal and land used planning which have sets the stage for the creation of  an internal planning department of the FCC.

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