By: Cecil Cole-Showers Jnr

First Lady for Sierra Leone Mrs. Fatima Bio has in her social media account exposed certain individuals who she perceived as anti to development and stop the unnecessary ranting on the government and her personality.

Below is the unedited post by Mrs. Fatima Bio from her face book page.

I am not responsible for your mental state nor am I responsible for your frustration.

I understand the pain of been in opposition especially if you are not seeing any light in the tunnel which will bring you back to power.

Wishing me dead shows why it was really right for Sierra Leoneans to vote your party out.

Bad Hart Sef Na Coronavirus and we all no say Coronavirus no get place for sedom now we nation.

For you that are born followers please ask God for direction he is always ready to help.

For you that hate me because I am Mrs Maada Bio “norto me fault oh Na De PA See Me Eh Say E Want me, Na For Bear Ya”.

Since you wish me dead, I am praying for you to stay alive and watch president Bio transform this country to the better after which if you are still not happy you can now say goodbye.

“Una deh Tok about die as if Na one man journey”.

It is the faithless that fear death. We are here today and when our time is up we will depart just like our forefathers before us. Until then my space is still occupied.

My Page, My Right, don’t send me secret messages for others not to see that you are in touch with me, I didn’t tag you please don’t tag me either. Na Me Tok Am. We thank Allah for his mercy upon us. You want Coronavirus for stay Na salone and you call u self-citizen. Write whatever you want Mrs. Maada Bio is here to stay until God says otherwise.

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